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Annette Gawron

Talented singer and songwriter is available to sing and play at your event. Book Her!

Fans and Friends Comments

Absolutely spot on!, Annette has an effortlessly brilliant voice and a fantastic entertainers stage presence! She makes every performance a time to remember!

* Scott L. - Facebook

I watched every single one of your videos on youtube. You are amazing!! i am so happy you are performing and showing the world your amazing voice!!! so proud of you!! it makes me so happy watching you up on that stage...you belong there....you look so beautiful!! so happy for you...

* Jessica Bartol - Facebook

You Have To See This Woman In Person. Annette Is A Risen Star.

* Jason Frilot - Freelow Music and Entertainment

I would recommend Annette to anyone who is looking for a "serious musician". Beautiful and very talented with a great voice. She has a promising career as a performer... Go Girl...

* Bobby Smith - GMI Records International - bobbysmithentertainment.com

I really enjoyed your show - beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and country rock music always attracts a wide variety of listeners, especially guys like me lol... I love you and your music - I'm proud of you...

* Kris Gawron - Sirk1production - sirk1pro.com

Thanks for the video - Great - I enjoy it - You have a nice voice. Looking forward to seeing you on the stage.

* Mike Calzone - mikecalzone.com


I love country rock music. It always makes me want to dance. You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. You look and sing like an angel. Good job. See you at the next show.

* JT - lightningblues.com